Optimising Efficiency Through Streamlined Stock Management

Spectrum Dyes and Chemicals Private Limited prides itself on its meticulously managed warehouse, where an extensive stock of both raw materials and finished goods are stored. With a keen focus on inventory management, Spectrum ensures stability in production and consistent delivery of high-quality products to its valued customers. Our state-of-the-art warehouse serves as the backbone of our operations, enabling us to meet market demands efficiently.


A dedicated team utilises advanced techniques and systems to monitor and maintain optimal stock levels, ensuring seamless production processes. By employing sophisticated inventory tracking mechanisms we effectively:

Reduce Wastage

Eliminate stockouts

Minimise carrying costs

In-house R&D center

Innovating For The Future

Strong investments in R&D to remain abreast with evolving trends and to propel the growth of the Company. The Company has an in -house R&D centre at its manufacturing facility in Palsana, focusing on process improvement (for existing products) and new process development for product additions




Ensuring Quality Every Step Of The Way

Spectrum has modern and fully equipped Analytical, Quality Control, and Application Laboratory to ensure the high quality of its products. The laboratory conduct relevant tests at every stage of the product life cycle, including raw materials, captive intermediates, press cakes, and final products.

Spectrum's ECO Laboratory uses modern equipment and analytical methods for chemical analysis of trace impurities at ultra-low levels.

The lab analyses restricted substances like COCs, CPs, AZOs, PAHs, Quinoline, Free Formaldehyde, Heavy Metals, and aids in designing products to meet the MRSL/RSL limits of regulations such as bluesign, ZDHC, EU REACH SVHC, Oeko-Tex Standard 100, California Prop 65, and VOC Directives.

The lab has provided compliance letters for products complying with the RSL limits of popular brands like Inditex, AFIRM, H&M, M&S, Nike, and Decathlon.