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Luminous Series

  • Useful in creation of bright and fluorescent shades
  • High dye concentration increases visibility of material
  • Enhances brightness of other Dyes when used in combination with compatible Dyes
  • Suitable for safety and high-visibility clothing industries like fashion and sports

XF Series

  • High wet-fastness properties
  • Improved Right-First-Time (RFT) performance due to excellent reproducibility
  • Counter types of high wet-fastness Dyes in the market
  • Good RFT performance reduces process time and cost, improving overall production efficiency

'S' & 'SE' Series

  • S' Series and 'SE' Series Disperse Dyes offer a full range of shades
  • These Dyes are suitable for Polyester and Polyester blends and include Azo and Anthraquinone-based mixtures
  • The 'S' and 'SE' Series Dyes have good all-round properties, making them a preferred choice over other Disperse Dyes
  • Cost-effective and useful for a wide range of applications

Brilliant Series

  • These series Dyes are more brilliant than other available Dyes (Excluding Luminous Series Dyes)
  • These Dyes are dischargeable Dyes
  • Brilliancy of these Dyes is similar to Brilliant Cationic Dyes
  • All these Dyes are highly pH sensitive Dyes

MD Series

  • Medium-energy Dyes used in reliable exhaust and continuous dyeing of polyester and blends with other fibers
  • § Excellent reproducibility and compatibility between MD Series Dyes
  • Offer excellent build-up and colour fastness for versatile and cost-effective recipes

HW Series

  • High-quality Dyes that meet the highest wet-fastness requirements and offer good sublimation
  • Provide the best all-round fastness performance for modern usage requirements

'E' Series

  • Offer good pick-up and build-up properties but have poor sublimation fastness properties
  • Best suited for rapid dyeing processes and piece-goods dyeing
  • Not suitable for yarn/ fiber dyeing, thermosol process, and printing applications
  • Good wash off & minimal staining
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